Women, butterflies and flowers

Life is a constant cycle of change and transformation.


How I started this project

To begin creating my work, I seek inspiration in the everyday moments of life. I observe and get lost in anything, as if at that moment the rest of the world disappears and I center all my attention on it. And I always ask myself the same question: Why is it like this?

This time what left me totally fascinated was the metamorphosis that many animals undergo, and of course, the butterflies. So, I set out to create a series that would bring together that metamorphosis. Many abstract thoughts emerged in my head and I realized that not only butterflies are capable of that transformation, we all have that quality. The quality of change.

Life is a constant cycle of change and transformation.

This process is like the rebirth of life, a new beginning that reminds us that we can always transform and change our reality. Butterflies emerge from their cocoon like a blank canvas, ready to write their own story and conquer the world with their beauty and grace..

But we cannot talk about butterflies without mentioning flowers, which are the thread that connects this metamorphosis. Caterpillars feed on the leaves of plants, transforming into chrysalises on their stems and branches. And when the butterflies emerge from their cocoons, they fly towards the flowers to feed on their nectar and pollen, ensuring their survival and continuing the cycle of life.

Flowers and femininity, since the time of Classical Greece, also symbolize the rebirth of life, as they spring forth from the earth every spring, blooming in an explosion of colors and aromas that remind us of beauty evolving through different stages of life. Similarly, femininity has transformed and evolved into a new being that soars freely and now delights us with its flights. We must evolve to be able to fly together and not have the sadness of seeing it drift away.

It's like nature is saying, "No matter how much time passes or how much suffering we endure, there is always a new opportunity to start again."

The metamorphosis of butterflies is a life lesson that reminds us that we can always transform and change our reality. Flowers are the thread that connects this metamorphosis, representing the rebirth of life and the beauty that surrounds us. And femininity is the aura that gives soul to these images.
So, let's move forward like butterflies, flying towards a new world full of possibilities, feeding on the flowers of life, and enjoying their beauty while we can

COLLECTION: Women, butterflies and flowers
TECHNIQUE: Photography with digital fineart.
MEDIUM: Paper Hahnemühle Photo Rag® Ultra Smooth – a white, 100% cotton paper with an ultra-smooth surface texture
FORMAT: 18 x18, and 30x30
SIGNATURE: The signature is on the back of the work next to the numbered piece. The work is registered and is delivered with an official certificate of authenticity
DATE: January 2023
NUMBERED AND LIMITED EDITION: The work has a limited edition of 10 copies in the 30x30 size and 30 copies in the 18x18 size


María Paz..