a man and woman kissing in a photo
a man and woman kissing in a photo

I was born in Zaragoza. From my earliest years, I was drawn to photography and the ability to capture fleeting moments and transform them into eternity. But my focus went beyond merely taking pictures; I wanted to convey emotions and bring happiness to people.

After graduating, I immersed myself in the world of industrial photography, working in this field for 6 years. One day, I decided to create a turning point, to embark on a journey of self-discovery. Soon, I discovered that my true passion lay in capturing thoughts and ideas in my images.

Each photograph becomes a window to my imagination, where thoughts and emotions intertwine in a poetic ballet. The images are not just portraits or landscapes; they are my deepest reflections and most intimate dreams brought to tangible reality. The creative process turned into therapy, a way to free my mind and let my ideas flow freely.

As I continue to evolve, my work evolves as well. The goal is to capture happiness in all its forms and nuances. Each image is a reminder of the hidden beauty in everyday details and an invitation to appreciate the magic found in simplicity.

I'm drawn to working in square format and physical mediums; it's a choice that defines my style as an artist. Each of my pieces finds its true home within this geometric structure. The square format provides a solid platform to express my thoughts and emotions, allowing me complete immersion in what I want to convey.

In a world saturated by the digital, the value of the tactile and tangible should not be underestimated. I firmly believe in the sensory experience of feeling the texture of paper and running your fingers over the surface of an artwork; it adds a unique dimension to its appreciation. Every detail comes alive under the viewer's fingertips, fostering a more intimate connection between the artwork and the observer.

My aim is to create works that are intimate and thought-provoking, inviting introspection. I aspire for my pieces to illuminate a hidden corner of the soul, transforming it into a more revealing and meaningful space. The square format, in dimensions of 60x60 and 30x30, stands as my preferred canvas to achieve this goal. These dimensions grant me the freedom to express my ideas in a concise and focused manner, without getting lost in unnecessary details.

Furthermore, I have chosen to keep my works accessible to anyone interested in acquiring them. This square and physical format not only enhances the sense of closeness to the artwork but also provides an opportunity for those who wish to incorporate a piece of my artistic expression into their lives. Each piece thus becomes a window to the real world, an opportunity for people to immerse themselves in thoughts and emotions through the texture and format that I deeply value.